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We celebrate your success.




We partner with many organizations to provide temporary housing and create an action plan to get permanent housing. We are working towards to open the first Bridge House in Tampa, FL by Spring 2020. Our Bridge House will be able to provide emergency shelter up to 48 homeless kids while they are transitioning into college, safe family homes, or joining one of our partner’s programs as a long term solution for homelessness.


We provide career assessments to discover your potential and match your personality with a great career. We prepare you to succeed! 


We are providing with resources to increase the transition rate in schools and colleges. We offer career assessments, scholarship programs, motivational talks, mentoring, coaching, listening to personal challenges, initiating volunteer programs, and building personal relationships.

Life Skills

We provide workshops to develop life skills (life-management and organizational skills, student-specific skills, and professional skills). We offer 1-2 year life coaching services to our participants. 


We partner with local organizations to provide additional services such as housing/shelters, medical services, counseling, crisis intervention, and more. 

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