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changing lives one career at a time...

Who We Serve?


We serve Unaccompanied Young Adults (Aged 18-25), including those who aged out of Foster Care, the most under-served segment of the homeless community. 

In 2016-2017 school year were 1,355,821 homeless children/youth enrolled in Public Schools in US,

75,106 in the State of Florida.

At Risk To Become Homeless

We partner with different organizations to prevent and eradicate homelessness in Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas County. Prevention, through community initiatives and the School System is key to create awareness, identify, and assist young people at risk to become homeless. 


We provide services to displaced students. In 2017-2018 we helped hundreds of displaced families moving from Puerto Rico to Florida due to the Hurricane Maria. Over 300,000 Puerto Rico’s residents have moved to Florida after the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria in September 2017.


Training & Career



Life Skills


The people behind I AM The Group Foundation:

Dammy Sanchez

I AM The Group Foundation, Inc., under the umbrella of I AM Hopeful, Inc., assists the homeless youth and minority population, providing short term and long term housing programs, scholarships, training and career development skills, teaching micro business management, computer software and soft skills.

We are making a great impact reducing the unemployed population and helping to eradicate homelessness. Also, our initiatives are helping to increase the transition rate in schools and colleges by providing teens with career assessments, scholarships allocation, motivational talks, mentoring, coaching, listening to their challenges, initiating volunteer programs, and building personal relationship. 

Ashley S. Lora
School Outreach Coordinator

Our training center is preparing our participants for career changes by assisting them with career assessments, resumes, mock interviews, career fairs, and providing with clothing. This effort helps to decrease the unemployment statistics, increasing Micro Businesses and College enrollment to eradicate homelessness in the state of Florida. 

We also provide with job placements and housing alternatives to displaced professionals relocating to the State of Florida. 


Over the phone or online

If you're looking for help, contact us here:

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12335 University Mall Ct.

2nd Floor Parking Garage

Tampa, FL 33612

Mailing Address:

2200 E. Fowler Ave.

Tampa, FL 33612

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